Crash & Smash Protection

Crash & Smash Protection

Offer complete protection, exclusively with’s patented Crash & Smash detection technology. With Crash & Smash Protection by, your customers can rest assured that if a Crash & Smash attack happens at their property, the central station will still be notified immediately. Most security systems have built-in entry delays and alarm reporting delays to ensure that customers have enough time to disarm their systems upon entering their property before an alarm signal is sent to the central station. This functionality is critical to reducing the incidence of false alarms and unneeded emergency response. Unfortunately, these delays give intruders more time to locate and destroy the security control panel – also known as a Crash & Smash event.

The Advantage can detect security system destruction during the: Entry Delay, Dialer Delay and Alarm Dialing process.

10-Apr-14 3-01-01 PM Crash & Smash Scenario

Intruder enters home through an entry delay door, starting a 30-second entry delay. Intruder listens for entry delay beeps and locates the control panel. Intruder smashes the control panel before the entry delay expires. Intruder believes that the security system is disabled, and proceeds to rob the home. Intruder is captured by the police minutes later and arrested.

How Makes This Possible

When the intruder entered the home, a special Entry Delay message was transmitted to the Network Operations Center by the wireless radio in the security panel. The Network Operations Center was then expecting to receive a Disarm message within a few minutes, and when it didn’t receive the message, it sent a Suspected Crash & Smash signal to the central station. The central station responded and alerted the police, who sped to the home and caught the intruder red-handed.

Dialer Delay Protection Crash & Smash detection also works during the Dialer Delay, so the property remains protected even if the intruder circumvents the entry delay doors and finds another way in. As soon as the security system goes into an alarm state, a Pending Alarm signal is transmitted to and can be routed to the central station, even if an Alarm message is not received shortly after due to panel damage.