Insurance discount

Obtaining Your Insurance Discount

Smiling couple paying bills at homeMost insurance companies will offer a discount on your homeowners insurance with proof of an actively monitored alarm system.  Protecting your home saves money for both you and your insurance provider.  That’s why they’re willing to offer you a monthly discount of 5-20%!*

To qualify for your discount call your insurance provider and consult customer service.  Explain that you have just added a security system to your home and would like to receive your discount.  Be prepared to list what kind of emergencies you are protected from (i.e. burglary, medical, fire).  The provider might ask where the equipment is located.  Some providers may also request proof of an active alarm system.  Simply photocopy your security system contract and send it to your provider.  If they also require a certificate of security, Assurance Alarm will provide it upon request.

*Discounts may vary between providers and by what equipment is included in your security system.