Quality is everything–especially when it comes to your protection.  That’s why we provide equipment manufactured by 2GIG Technologies and  They have exceeded the security industry standards for productivity, consistency, and user-friendly equipment year after year.  Let us to introduce you to the security, automation, and surveillance devices available to you at Assurance Alarm.

  1. Security Equipment
  2. Home Automation
  3. Wifi Cameras

Security Equipment

PanelControl Panel
Security systems should be easy to use, whether you’re tech-savvy or not.  That’s exactly why every Assurance Alarm system will include the award-winning 2GIG-CNTRL2 Touchscreen Control Panel.  It was designed with the customer in mind and is user-friendly at all ages.
1 point*

door window contactDoor and Window Contacts
Protecting your doors and windows is your first line of defense against intruders. 2GIG-DW10 contacts are the most efficient way to secure your home. By placing one of these on all entrances, authorities will be alerted as soon as a door or window is opened. With its compact design it can fit on any standard door or window in your home.
1 point*


recessed doorRecessed Door 
The 2GIG-DW20R recessed door sensors are placed inside the doors and door frames of your home, providing protection to doors without being seen.
1 point*



motion detectorMotion Detector
If intruders gain access to your home, a motion detector will stop them in their tracks. 2GIG-PIR1 is a sensor that detects movement using heat-sensitive infrared technology. They are designed to protect the interior of your home, in rooms up to 35 feet. Have pets in the house? No problem!  The alarm will not be triggered by pets, as long as they are under 55 pounds. (For pets over 55 pounds, check out our glassbreak sensors.)
2 points*

Image_Sensor_AngleImage SensorMotion/Camera Combo
2GIG-IMAGE1 is a versatile hybrid motion sensor that can both detect movement and take pictures. It is extremely useful in identifying intruders because it takes snapshots when the alarm is triggered. It can also take pictures on demand so that you can ensure that your loved ones are safe while you are away.
5 points*


glassbreakGlassbreak Sensor
Intruders will often break the glass on doors and windows in order to gain entry to a home. 2GIG-GB1 has a microphone designed to hear the sound of glass breaking, and will trigger the alarm. They can be used by themselves or together with door/window sensors for ultimate protection. They are also a great alternative to motion detectors in homes with pets over 55 pounds.
2 points*

Smoke-detectorSmoke and Heat Detector
2GIG-SMKT3 is a smoke and heat detector that saves thousands of people, pets, and homes every year. Fires can literally consume a house in a matter of minutes.  While most smoke detectors merely alert the people inside the home that there is a fire, the 2GIG-SMKT3 will help alert the authorities for you as well.  This speeds up the fire department’s response time, and can save you thousands of dollars in home repair.
2 points*

Carbon monoxideCO2 Detector
Carbon monoxide is considered the “silent killer”. Because it is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, a CO2 detector is needed to protect you and your loved ones from the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.  In the event that your home has sudden changes in carbon monoxide levels, the 2GIG-CO3 will alert everyone inside, and will send for help at the same time.  You can rest assured knowing that you are protected.
3 points*

medical pendantMedical Pendant
You never know when a medical emergency will arise in your home.  The 2GIG-PANIC1 is designed as a personal distress button to alert medical responders when you or a loved one needs help.  It is easy to carry around the house as a necklace, a watch, a belt clip, or a shirt clip. Simply push the button on this medical pendant, within range of your home, and help will be on its way.
1 point*

Arming and disarming your alarm system is even easier when you have the 2GIG-KEY2 remote.  Use it to arm your system while backing out of the driveway, to disarm your system before bringing in the groceries, or even to turn the system on after getting in bed for the night.  Controlling your alarm system is as easy as pressing a button.
1 point*


super switchSuper Switch
For customers who have an existing alarm system from another company, the 2GIG-TAKE is designed to make your old hardwired system compatible with your new wireless 2GIG system.  The “Super Switch” helps you save points on a new package so you can add more coverage to the unprotected portions of your home.
3 points*


numeric keypadNumeric Keypad
The 2GIG-PAD1 is a fantastic addition to any 2GIG alarm system, especially in larger homes.  It gives you an extra location from which you can arm/disarm your system or set off a panic alarm.
2 points*


Touchscreen keypadpanel and ts1Touchscreen Keypad
The 2GIG-TS1 touchscreen keypad is a fully interactive touchscreen keypad that you can add to any room in your home.  Its simple visual display makes it easy to arm and disarm, but also allows you full access to the alarm system toolbox.
5 points*

Home Automation 

deadbolt satin nickeldeadbolt venetian bronzedeadbolt polished brassDeadbolts
With its sleek design, the Kwikset Z-Wave Deadbolt is the perfect addition to any alarm system.  It can be programmed with several different user codes, so you can easily keep track of who is coming in.  This automatic deadbolt also comes in handy when you want to unlock the door for someone when you’re not at home.  It is available in satin nickel, polished brass, and venetian bronze finishes.
7 points*

Thermostatdroid thermoThermostats
The CT100 thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs by maintaining a smart energy schedule. Imagine a home where the thermostat actually knows when there’s people inside the house and can adjust the temperature accordingly.
3 points*


ipad_lightslight switchLight Switches
The 2GIG-LDM-LPM switch is a versatile outlet plugin that allows you to turn lights or appliances on and off from anywhere.  Forgot to turn off the curling iron?  No need to run home–just log into the app and turn off the iron from work. Want to start your coffee but don’t want to get out of bed just yet?  Turn on the coffeemaker from your bed using a smartphone or computer.  2GIG-LDM-LPM makes life easy to control.
2 points*

Doorbell picDoor Bells
The 2GIG-DBELL is a fantastic addition to your system. It is a wireless doorbell that can replace your existing doorbell or be added onto any door of your house. If visitors or an important package arrive at your home, it will notify you when they ring the bell.
1 point*



garage door openerGarage Door Openers
The 2GIG-GDR1 door opener is compatible with most garage door openers. It allows you to open your garage door from anywhere at the touch of a button.
2 points*


Wi-Fi Surveillance


HD-100 cameraIndoor HD Camera
HD-100 Night Vision Camera offers exceptional high definition picture day or night.  It can either be mounted or free-standing which allows you the versatility of moving the camera from room to room.  Simply plug it in, and view.
5 points*

V620PT pan tiltPan/Tilt HD Camera
ADC-V620PT Indoor Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera is an indoor camera that allows you to view your room from more than one angle. You can remotely pan from side to side, and tilt up and down. This is exactly what you need to cover one room with multiple angles.

V720W outdoorOutdoor HD Camera
ADC-V720W Outdoor Wireless Night Vision Camera is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.  Its solid construction and water-tight design will deliver high definition picture on the rainiest of days and darkest of nights.
10 points*

*   Each product is listed with a point value used in determining package pricing.
** Although wi-fi cameras can wirelessly connect to your internet, each camera requires a wall outlet plug-in for power.