Wi-Fi Surveillance

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A Wi-Fi camera gives you remote access to what’s going on at your home through Wi-Fi cameras reduce the need to run wires throughout the house to a dvr unit.* Each camera connects to your home’s wireless internet, then uploads video for live viewing. You can also record to view the videos at a later time. Assurance Alarm offers several camera options for you to customize your home surveillance. Browse these cameras on our products page.

iphonehomedroidvideoAt the time of installation, customers must:

  • Have active internet service with a minimum upload speed of 0.25 Mbps per camera (2 cameras = 0.50 Mbps, 5 cameras = 1.25 Mbps, etc.) If you’re not sure if your internet speed qualifies, you may perform a simple speed test at
  • Have a router** that provides a wireless signal throughout the home. (Additional equipment may be needed in order to connect wi-fi cameras in larger homes.)
  • Be able to provide their network name and password.

*Although wi-fi cameras can wirelessly connect to your internet, each camera requires a wall outlet plug-in for power.

**Mobile mi-fi and hotspot internet speeds are too variable, and in most cases have a data limit. Therefore, they are strongly discouraged.